RXQ Compounding, LLC is FDA approved 503b compounding outsourcing facility located within the Ohio University’s Innovation Center in Athens, Ohio. The production takes place in one of the ISO 5 clean rooms . RXQ emerged as a outsourcing facility in front of the FDA’s new regulations governing compounding facilities. Ed Zatta and the other team members have worked very closely with the FDA regulators and legislators in following the new guidelines.  Our team put together a stringent procedural manual and have copyrighted it. Others who follow into this new realm will be hard pressed to find a more complete adaptation of the new regulations. We have partnered with the Innovation Center at Ohio University to develop a viable enterprise here in southern Ohio.  RXQ is poised to be a leader in the new paradigm of compounding facilities across the country.



340 W. State St., Unit 9, Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 866-280-0031
Fax: 740-994-3887

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