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Founder and CEO

Ed has been involved in the pharmacy industry since 1988 when he graduated from Ohio Northern University. For the last 10 years, Ed has been developing four retail pharmacy stores in the Southeast Ohio and West Virginia and has taken the sales from 3.8 million dollars in 2007 to revenues of 15 million in 2015. In the spring 2014, while attending an Ohio Pharmacist Association Meeting and listening to a presentation, Ed learned that many of the compounding practices his pharmacies currently conducted would soon be illegal based upon new FDA regulations requiring companies that compound medications to meet new licensing requirements under FDA Regulation Section 503B. Ed decided then and there to take on the new regulations and seized a burgeoning opportunity. He set up a new entity, an FDA Approved 503B Outsourcing Facility, and, thus, RXQ Compounding, LLC, was born.

On a personal note, Ed and his wife, Jennifer, have three extremely active children, Alexis, 21, Lindsay, 20, and Ethan, 18. The Zatta family resides in the college town of Athens, Ohio and enjoy spending time together traveling, on the ski slopes, or just at home. Ed is also an extremely avid biker who, in 2014, rode his bicycle on a cross country trip from Palm Springs, California to West Palm Beach Florida as a fundraiser for the “Paley Foundation.” This organization does limb lengthening surgeries for children and is a charity for which Ed has a great passion.