The Albany facility will produce a variety of compounds for use. We have produced tacrolimus, NSAIDS and steroid creams and capsules to meet our veterinarian customers needs. Please contact us to start your project.

Vet Medications

Medication Size/Form
Aluminum Hydroxide Susp 200mg/ml 480ml Bottle
Aspirin 10mg 10 Tablets 
Cisapride 5mg/ml 10ml Injectable bottle 
Cisapride 2.5mg 50 tablets 
Cisapride 5mg  50 tablets 
Cisapride 10mg 50 tablets 
Cisapride 25mg 25 tablets 
Clindamycin Susp 100mg/ml 480ml Bottle 
Doxycycline Susp 10mg/ml 480ml Bottle 
Doxycycline Susp 50mg/ml 480ml Bottle 
Enrofloxacin Susp 22.7mg/ml 480ml Bottle 
Famotidine Susp 10mg/ml 480ml Bottle 
Fomipazole/kit injectable 
Gabapentin 50mg 100 tablets 
Metronidazole 50mg 100 tablets 
Metronidazole Susp 50mg/ml 480ml Bottle 
Omeprazole Susp 10mg/ml 480ml Bottle 
Ursodiol 100mg 100 tablets 
Ursodiol 300mg 100 tablets 
Vitamin K 5mg 300 capsules 

Cisapride produced in 503A facility

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